Write notes to be sent when you die.

Being a parent, getting deployed, have a dangerous job, have you been diagnosed with a terminal illness or are you approaching your golden years? Welcome!

Fast, Easy, Secure.

It’s quick & easy to setup.

We made it easy.

We’ve designed this website with simplicity in mind, for all ages and all devices. With just a few clicks, you can create and save notes to be sent in the event something happens to you.

Your notes are safe.

Your notes and information are kept completely confidential and protected using advanced encryption methods.

Include attachments.

Your notes can also include attachments such as instructions, wills, safe combinations, passwords, pictures, and other important documents you may need to include with your notes.

How it works.

Add your Key Bearers.

The first thing you’ll do after opening your account is add Key Bearers. These are your most trusted friends and/or relatives whom are given a secret code to unlock your notes in the event that you die. Your Key Bearers will never see your notes. They only unlock your notes to be dispersed.

Create your notes.

You can create as many individual notes as you’d like, to as many people as you want – there is no limit. These can be written to friends, family, co-workers, even foes. These notes are securely locked away and can only be seen or edited by you. You can create new notes or edit your existing notes any time you wish.

You’re all set!

That’s about it. If something happens to you, your Key Bearers will know to come to MyAfterNotes.com to use their special keys. Once they have done this, your notes are un-locked and released within 3 business days.

A few examples.

Common Questions.

What does it cost?

There is a one time (life-time) payment of $29.99, fully refundable within 30 days if you’re not happy with your experience.


  • Our payment form is integrated directly with STRIPE
  • Your credit card information is not stored on our website.
  • The payment form is 100% secure.

How does MyAfterNotes.com know when or if I die?

The Short Answer:

You will choose 2 close friends or family and assign them as a KEY BEARERS on your account. They will submit a KEY (password created by you) upon your passing, then your notes are released.

The Long Answer:

Before you can create notes, you will first assign KEY BEARERS, whom are generally close friends or relatives. These people are given a secret KEY (password created by you) to be used on this website in the event something happens to you. YOUR KEY BEARERS DO NOT SEE YOUR NOTES. They only control when your notes are sent – after you die. You can add up to 5 Key Bearers, but only 2 Key Bearers need to submit their KEY for your notes to be released. Choose trust worthy people who will keep you updated on changes in phone number and email address as these modes of communication are crucial to the successful application of MyAfterNotes.com.

Why up to 5 Key Bearers?

If something happens to your key bearers, it’s good to have a backup. Example: You’re driving to Colorado with two of your best friends, both are Key Bearers. You all die in a car wreck. Who will release your notes?

Do my Key Bearers see my notes?

No! – Your Key Bearers will never see or have access to your notes. A Key Bearer’s only job & function is to use the code provided to them which will release your notes to the recipients you have chosen. Your notes are sent directly to the recipient.

Further more. NOBODY will see and/or has access to your notes, ever. Not even us.

Is this secure?

Yes! Your data is encrypted thoroughly. HOWEVER, it is never recommended to store highly confidential information online, such as:

– Credit card information
– Bank account information
– Crypto login credentials

For your safety, please keep this type of information off-line, always.

Items we recommend:

– Personal letters
– Instructions
– Social media login credentials
– Informal will (so your family knows what to do with your stuff)
– Living Will and other critical documents
– Combinations to a safe
– Whereabouts of Crypto login credentials
– Facebook login info
– Computer logins and passwords
– Pictures (a few)

How are the notes sent?

The notes themselves are sent via email. However, notifications will be sent through text message (SMS) to let your friends/family know an important note from you was emailed to them.

How many notes can I send?

Unlimited. Each note goes to different people and you can write as many notes as you’d like. If you’d like the same note to go to different people then you’ll need to cut & paste that note into a new note.

What if MyAfterNotes.com goes out of business?

We don’t plan on taking this website down any time soon and our application is fully maintained for the long-haul. If for some reason we decide to go off-line, ALL of our active customers will be given links to download their notes and attachments.

What happens to my account after I die?

After your Key Bearer codes have been executed and you notes successfully delivered, if the account is not RESET within 45 days by you, all of your data – including notes and attachments – is destroyed and your MyAfterNotes.com account is deleted.

What if my Key Bearers forget that they are my Key Bearers?

Though it never hurts to remind them from time to time, we send out monthly email reminders to keep it fresh on their mind.

And just a reminder: when ONE Key Bearer executes their Key, all the other Key Bearers are immediately notified via email and text message, which also serves as a reminder.

Are notes sent out immediately after I die?

No. There is a 3-day waiting period to assure your key bearers didn’t accidentally trigger their codes. Although this isn’t likely to happen since TWO Key Bearers will need to use their code, measures are in place to ensure your notes are not unintentionally sent. You have 3 days to stop the process as well.

It works like this:

1. Key Bearer #1 executes the code.
2. Key Bearer #2 executes the code.
3. An email + text message is sent to you (the account holder) notifying you that Key Bearer codes were used.
4. You have 3 days to cancel these requests. Obviously, if you have passed on, you will not respond and your notes are delivered exactly 72 hours after the second Key Bearer code was used.

Can I include attachments to my notes?

Yes! We allow up to four attachments under 2mb/each. If you have a large number of documents or photos you’d like to share, it’s best you place these on DropBox, Google Photos, or a similar data storage site then SHARE links to these photos within your notes.

I'm a Key Bearer and my email or phone number has changed, what now?

Please contact the person whom has assigned you as one of their Key Bearers and request they update your contact information.

I'm a Key Bearer and I lost my codes!

If you’re a Key Bearer and you’ve lost the email and/or key-code, retrieve them by simply clicking on the “Retrieve Codes” link in the main menu under “Key Bearers.

I have more questions!

Please contact us, click here.